3 Things every homeowner needs to know about tile roof coating

Every once in a while, a trend emerges in the home repair and maintenance market. Some trends offer tangible benefits to homeowners, while others are scams designed to enrich the fraudsters. Many homeowners are taken in on the promises of a golden goose that will keep on laying. One such trend is tile roof coating.


Tile roof coating works as proven by its prevalence in Scandinavia. However, some claims made by roof coating companies are outright misleading. This short article introduces you to some of the things you should know about roof coating.


Tile roof coating is not a substitute for roof repairs

If your roof is leaking or has suffered some structural damage, no amount of “lipstick” is going to make it sound again. Some contractors will come knocking on your door and promise to restore your roof to as good as new by simply a tile roof coat. You should never substitute a thorough roof inspection and repair for a “quick” roof coating job. If there are any defects in your roof, they will need repairing first before any roof coating product is applied.


Roof coating will not insulate your home against heating loses

Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment. Many homeowners are taken in by claims that by having their tile roof coated, their homes become more “energy efficient”. This a tactic many scammers will use to get you to pay for an inferior product that won’t live up to their claims.


Are your roof coating products certified?

Asking this one question will help you weed out the real specialists from contractors jumping on the bandwagon and looking to make a quick buck. Easy Coat Ltd use the Renotec System developed in Germany and holds certification for quality to European DIN standards. All Easy Coat Ltd products coating products also bear the CE marking to indicate conformance to European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Be on the lookout for companies using inferior roof coating products.


This quick article draws your attention to the 3 things you should know about roof coating. Roof coating will not insulate your home, make any roof repair needs disappear and roof coating products should conform to international quality standards.