3 Things every homeowner needs to know about tile roof coating

Every once in a while, a trend emerges in the home repair and maintenance market. Some trends offer tangible benefits to homeowners, while others are scams designed to enrich the fraudsters. Many homeowners are taken in on the promises of a golden goose that will keep on laying. One such trend is tile roof coating.


Tile roof coating works as proven by its prevalence in Scandinavia. However, some claims made by roof coating companies are outright misleading. This short article introduces you to some of the things you should know about roof coating.


Tile roof coating is not a substitute for roof repairs

If your roof is leaking or has suffered some structural damage, no amount of “lipstick” is going to make it sound again. Some contractors will come knocking on your door and promise to restore your roof to as good as new by simply a tile roof coat. You should never substitute a thorough roof inspection and repair for a “quick” roof coating job. If there are any defects in your roof, they will need repairing first before any roof coating product is applied.


Roof coating will not insulate your home against heating loses

Everyone wants to do their bit for the environment. Many homeowners are taken in by claims that by having their tile roof coated, their homes become more “energy efficient”. This a tactic many scammers will use to get you to pay for an inferior product that won’t live up to their claims.


Are your roof coating products certified?

Asking this one question will help you weed out the real specialists from contractors jumping on the bandwagon and looking to make a quick buck. Easy Coat Ltd use the Renotec System developed in Germany and holds certification for quality to European DIN standards. All Easy Coat Ltd products coating products also bear the CE marking to indicate conformance to European health, safety and environmental protection legislation. Be on the lookout for companies using inferior roof coating products.


This quick article draws your attention to the 3 things you should know about roof coating. Roof coating will not insulate your home, make any roof repair needs disappear and roof coating products should conform to international quality standards.

How to protect yourself from roof coating scams

As a homeowner, you do your best to make sure your prized possession is well taken care of. The roof is one of the most critical parts of your house and once compromised, it will cost thousands of pounds to put right. Maintaining the roof of your home in tip-top condition will save you money in the long run. So how do you keep your roof in good condition, while protecting yourself from the countless roofing scams out there? This short article will help protect you from one scam in particular, magic roofing coats.


Roof coatings will not reduce your energy bills

In recent years, an increase in gas prices and heating bills in general has led to homeowners seeking methods to reduce home gas consumption. This has also led to an increase in the number of companies offering roof coating services. One of the touted benefits of getting your roof coated is increased insulation and reduced heating bills. This is simply untrue.


Be wary of pushy sales people

Having work done on your roof is a major undertaking and you should plan carefully. One of the best ways to protect yourself from scammers is to be cautious when dealing with cold callers and doorstep salespeople. Pushy sales people want you to agree there and then. Stand your ground and ask for time to think about their offer. Instead of entering into a contract with the first person who calls or knocks on the door, take your time to search for, and vet, reputable roof coating specialists and obtain independent quotes.


Understand what roof coating can and cannot do

Before spending the substantial amount of money roof repairs are bound to cost, it is worth educating yourself on what exactly needs doing to your roof. Read everything you possibly can about the different roof coating systems and products. Armed with this knowledge, you are in a position of power and will be capable of telling the real deal from outright scammers.


Easy Coat Ltd offer a tile roof coating service using the leading product that has been available on the Continent and in Scandinavia for years now. Find out more by visiting http://www.easycoatltd.co.uk today.

New roof versus roof coating

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking, both financially and the upheaval and disturbance it introduces. Concrete tile roofs are designed to last a minimum of 50 years. The lifespan could be as long as 100 years, if not more with proper maintenance. However, many homeowners are soon faced with the decision to replace their roof. Is it always the best course of action or will a roof repair and coating process be just as effective, at a fraction of the cost. This article compares the two and states the pros and cons of each process.


Roof replacement

The cost and time to completion of a roof replacement project will depend on the size of the house, type of roof and access to the work area. In very few circumstances is it necessary to replace a roof. These include:

  • Complete destruction due to falling objects.
  • Roof collapse due to structural timbers failing due to rot or age.

In both circumstances, re-roofing may be the only viable option. However, in situations where a roof develops leaks or there is a partial collapse, roof repairs may be adequate.


The pros of a new roof include the following:

  • New structural timbers with longer lifespan.
  • Brand new tiles with the standard 50+ years lifespan.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind when installed correctly and professionally.

The downside to replacing your roof is the higher cost compared to repairs and renovation.


Tile Roof coating

Tile roof coating is a viable option to restoring roofs which are still sound structurally and only require minimal repairs. This process is ideal for providing protection from further deterioration of roofs which are well into their standard lifespan.


The benefits of a roof coating job include:

  • Lower cost compared to roofing replacement.
  • Newly coated tiles look great.
  • Includes repairs and replacement of missing and broken tiles making your roof water tight.
  • Restores the protective layer of the tile surfaces increasing the lifespan of the tiles.

The disadvantage of opting for roof coating versus a roof replacement is that any structural weakness is not addressed. However, any inspection prior to the coating process will reveal any underlying problems which can be rectified.


Whether you’re considering replacing your roof or roof coating for your home, it is vital that you use a professional roofing company. Always check to make sure they have adequate insurance, are a member of a professional body and offer additional guarantees for your peace of mind.




Is your roof looking worse for wear?

Just like your car needs its annual MOT, your roof needs regular inspections too. Strong and built to last for decades, over time, roofs will eventually start showing signs of deterioration. However, before you thinking you may have to have an entirely new roof, you should consider tile roof coating instead.


An alternative to roof replacement?

Compared to tile roof replacement cost, roof coating prices are but a fraction. For this reason, it is worthwhile to consider having your roof repaired and a coating solution applied instead of replacing it. The savings you can make are substantial, both in case terms and resources. Here are a few reasons why you should consider roof coating before a complete roof replacement:

  • Unless your roof has caved in, there’s generally never a need for a complete roof replacement.
  • Roof coating costs less than replacement.
  • Most roofing problems can be solved with repairs and a coating applied to prolong life.
  • Roofs are modular structures which have a very long lifespan if maintained correctly.

What should you do if your roof is in need of repair?

It is often the case that homeowners put off getting work done to fix their roofs. Unless there is a gaping hole or water entering the house, many homeowners will not take any action until it becomes an emergency. When it comes to roofs, this is the wrong approach to take.


So, if you notice missing tiles or find tiles lying on the ground especially after a storm, contact a roofer for a roof inspection. It is often the case that a missing tile may be the start of more damage to your roof, hence the need to act fast.


Easy Coat Ltd offer general roofing services in addition to their specialist tile roof coating service. Roofs are resilient structures and often, when they look worse for wear, minor repairs may be all that’s required. Always make sure your chosen roofing contractor uses products meeting British & European standards, they have adequate insurance and offer additional peace of mind guarantees.