New roof versus roof coating

Replacing a roof is a major undertaking, both financially and the upheaval and disturbance it introduces. Concrete tile roofs are designed to last a minimum of 50 years. The lifespan could be as long as 100 years, if not more with proper maintenance. However, many homeowners are soon faced with the decision to replace their roof. Is it always the best course of action or will a roof repair and coating process be just as effective, at a fraction of the cost. This article compares the two and states the pros and cons of each process.


Roof replacement

The cost and time to completion of a roof replacement project will depend on the size of the house, type of roof and access to the work area. In very few circumstances is it necessary to replace a roof. These include:

  • Complete destruction due to falling objects.
  • Roof collapse due to structural timbers failing due to rot or age.

In both circumstances, re-roofing may be the only viable option. However, in situations where a roof develops leaks or there is a partial collapse, roof repairs may be adequate.


The pros of a new roof include the following:

  • New structural timbers with longer lifespan.
  • Brand new tiles with the standard 50+ years lifespan.
  • Guaranteed peace of mind when installed correctly and professionally.

The downside to replacing your roof is the higher cost compared to repairs and renovation.


Tile Roof coating

Tile roof coating is a viable option to restoring roofs which are still sound structurally and only require minimal repairs. This process is ideal for providing protection from further deterioration of roofs which are well into their standard lifespan.


The benefits of a roof coating job include:

  • Lower cost compared to roofing replacement.
  • Newly coated tiles look great.
  • Includes repairs and replacement of missing and broken tiles making your roof water tight.
  • Restores the protective layer of the tile surfaces increasing the lifespan of the tiles.

The disadvantage of opting for roof coating versus a roof replacement is that any structural weakness is not addressed. However, any inspection prior to the coating process will reveal any underlying problems which can be rectified.


Whether you’re considering replacing your roof or roof coating for your home, it is vital that you use a professional roofing company. Always check to make sure they have adequate insurance, are a member of a professional body and offer additional guarantees for your peace of mind.